PayInvest Hyip details (Scam)
hyip program PayInvest
: $100
: $5
: 3-10
: 2017-04-30 (350 D)
: 2017-04-27 (353 D)
: 2018-04-05
510%: 510%
hyip status
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: 0.9%-1.0% HOURLY FOR 120 HOURS,3.0%-4.0% HOURLY FOR 72 HOURS,15%-20% HOURLY FOR 24 HOURS
PayInvest -
Hyip Investment Plans: 0.9%-1.0% HOURLY FOR 120 HOURS,3.0%-4.0% HOURLY FOR 72 HOURS,15%-20% HOURLY FOR 24 HOURS

PayInvest Pay Invest LTD is a financial institution with a long history. Like other banks with traditional principles our company aims to extract maximum from the opportunities we have while operating assets of our customers. The foundation of Pay Invest LTD consists in the aspect that now has become our distinctive feature. It is cross-insurance mechanism that enables all our clients to have protected their funds even if the world falls apart.

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HYIP Monitor-Hyipreference
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