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: 2014-10-08 (170 D)
: 2014-10-05 (173 D)
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PerfectMoney EgoPay Bitcoin Payeer
: 0.6% - 3.5% daily for 35 calendar days
TradeFocus -
Hyip Investment Plans: 0.6% - 3.5% daily for 35 calendar days

TradeFocus provides an opportunity to potentially earn more bitcoins for your dollar than buying them outright, We work with customers for economies of scale to receive better prices on hardware, power and data center space, and in turn we share in the potential returns that mining offers. Our powerful computing system is optimized for mining Bitcoins, one of the most common decentralized currencies

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There's plenty of recsraeh on decentralized P2P name services. I recall reading a couple of papers on them when I was in doing my Master's in distributed systems five years ago. I think the tech is there, if anyone wants to pursue it.But of course the har [email protected] Oct 29, 2015 08:13
- Some people say that Internet was made to be able to stasuin an atomic bombing It's often said, but it's also entirely untrue. It started out simply as point-to-point links between nodes; the idea of routing data across the network was intended to addr [email protected] Oct 27, 2015 11:32
Hi Chuck,To answer your qsietuon im currently not making anything lol. I have been saving up my bitcoins to buy a Jalepeno, you can find more information about it in this post . The great thing about it is that you can buy it with bitcoins.After I bought [email protected] Oct 25, 2015 22:05
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