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Pi Never Ends
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: $25
: 3 Levels: 6.28% - 3.14% - 1.57%
: 2014-09-25 (2 D)
: 2014-09-15 (12 D)
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: 3.14% for 20 Business days (Principal Back); 136% after 7 days, 264% after 31 days
Pi Never Ends - pineverends.com
Hyip Investment Plans: 3.14% for 20 Business days (Principal Back); 136% after 7 days, 264% after 31 days

Welcome to Pi Never Ends.
We fancy ourselves innovators, so here's something new:
Introducing An HYIP that dares to tell you the truth.

Do we really need to be eloquent here? We've got one job: Make you as much money as possible for as long as possible. Anything less than record-setting performance is failure. And you know what? Failure really isn't our thing.

We're serious about one thing: making you loads of money. Beyond that, we're going to have a good time amusing ourselves (and hopefully you too, if you get our sense of humor.) And we invite you to join in, too! We love some good-natured snarkiness.

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