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In a short historical period Australia has come a long way for economic development. Australia has turned into a developed industrial-agrarian country from an agrarian and raw material appendage of the UK. The main factors for the growth are: a wealth of natural resources, the development of capitalist relations, which were introduced by settlers and the complete absence of war in Australia.
Company «TRIGON OIL Co» has been developing advanced equipment for refineries and oil production, manufacture of instrumentation. As well as the production of means for the protection of equipment and pipelines from corrosion, insulation materials, and more.

Today, Australia is a country with high oil and gas development. This industry is not deprived of the attention of the government, which is looking for new fields, the construction of the largest processing plants, and attracting investors. The latest news in the industry in Australia has increased the demand for services and our equipment has grown substantially.

In September this year, it was decided to open a company «TRIGON OIL INVESTMENTS LTD» And suggest how offline and online investors share in the oil business.

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