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Welcome to Spacewind technology!
Space technologies are standing on the threshold of a new revolution. The revolution will not technological. It is economic: if earlier all projects in the field of space exploration were run by the state, now in the space industry has launched a private business. Years will pass, and the space industry will be completely run by private capital. As small retail trade.

In recent years, created more than 9000 high-tech companies around the world,one third of these companies is somehow connected with the space industry, and their number is doubling every two to three years. Forexample, over the past five years in China has opened more than 600 companies and 100 research institutes. The largest number (more than a thousand) corporations, enterprises and research laboratories in various fields of research are located in USA. According to the forecast of the American Association National Science Foundation, the volume of the market of goods and services with use of high technologies by 2016 will increase to four trillion dollars. By 2016, the projected value of global goods with the inclusion of high technologies to 6.5 percent of total world production.

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