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Pegasus Asset
: $120
: $10
: 5%
: 2014-04-04 (565 D)
: 2014-04-04 (566 D)
: 2015-09-27
239%: 239%
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PerfectMoney EgoPay Bitcoin Payeer BankWire DDOS Protection
: 1% Daily for Lifetime, 2%-3% Daily for 365 days
Pegasus Asset -
Hyip Investment Plans: 1% Daily for Lifetime, 2%-3% Daily for 365 days

Pegasus Asset, If you are reading this, then apparently you are looking for some kind of a tool to invest your money online with good returns, without risk and without getting up off the chair you are sitting on right now. Luckily for you, it is XXI century and there are dozens of opportunities available both online and offline. And we, Pegasus Asset, in fact, are one of the above mentioned opportunities.

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