Cryp Trade Hyip details (Scam)
hyip program Cryp Trade
Cryp Trade
: $200
: $20
: 7 5 3 2 1%
: 2017-01-17 (279 D)
: 2016-09-16 (401 D)
: 2017-09-12
121%: 121%
hyip status
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PerfectMoney Bitcoin DDOS Protection High SSL Encryption Custom Script
: 50-5000 dollars 17.5% in mounth 5000-1000 24% in mounth 10000-20000 30% in mounth
Cryp Trade -
Hyip Investment Plans: 50-5000 dollars 17.5% in mounth 5000-1000 24% in mounth 10000-20000 30% in mounth

Today, company’s investors have an excellent opportunity to use long-term investment portfolios with different risk/reward profiles, from the most conservative ones to portfolios with a higher level of profitability, allowing the company's clients to diversify the asset risks. In addition to this, the company has developed special marketing solutions, enabling everyone who wants to become a partner to have access to the individual promotion program!

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