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Creation of the company was related to the final forming in the Germany of "Energy turn" conception, the essence of which is the gradual renunciation of energy produced by a atomic stations, and reaching the amount of energy produced by alternative energy sources to 60% from the total amount of consumed energy. Just then, in the 2011, when the Fukushima tragedy happened, all the world got in panic about atomic energy, we have made the decision to create small energy company, inspired by Federal Government's decision to boost renunciation of a nuclear energy, and termination of all active atomic stations in the Germany until year 2022, as well as the provision of environmental and reliable energy supply of the country. We saw a chance to become one of the first, who will stand in the avant-garde of development and industrial application of the alternative energy sources, and help Germany to consolidate the position on the world stage of political and economic events. Our activity is regulated by the law of Federal Republic of Germany and supported by all the necessary government documents, the registration regulations, licenses and permits.

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