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Grand Forex Limited | $70/Week | Expires on 2014-04-24
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SolidTrustPay-STP HYIP Invsetment Programs.

What is SolidTrustPay (STP) ?
Solid Trust Pay (STP) is an online payment processing company.SolidTrustPay provides a safe and secure method for consumers and businesses with email to send and receive internet payments quickly and at a low cost. Buy online, sell online, escrow services, request money, and transfer funds You can settle debts, borrow cash, divide bills or split expenses with friends all without going to an ATM or looking for your checkbook.

Some HYIPs accept SolidTrustPay (STP) as one of the Payment systems.So you can use Solid Trust Pay (STP) to invest in these SolidTrustPay (STP) HYIP Programs.

Here is the relevant information about the HYIP programs,You can Click on any HYIP Name to visit the HYIP Investment program,or Click on HYIP Details to get further information about the HYIP.Such as HYIP Forums links of the HYIP,WHOIS information,Google search result,other HYIP Monitors' status,Alexa Rank,the HYIP admin's contact information,other members' comments...... HYIPs are with High Risk, DO NOT spend what you can't afford to lose in any HYIP.
 Exclusive HYIP Investment Programs List
NL Eblone Wealth
Our Investment: $150
Last Paid: 2014-04-15
Payout Ratio: 142%
PerfectMoney SolidTrustPay EgoPay
Min Invest: $50
Ref Bonus: 5%
Withdraw: Manual
Add: 2013-11-26
Start: 2013-11-26
Online: 143 Days
DDoS Protection High SSL Encryption GC Licensed
email TG | MMG | DTM
Hyip Investment: 1.3% -1.7% Daily for 60 -120 business days, principal back
US Dublin Cryptorium
Our Investment: $120
Last Paid: 2014-04-09
Payout Ratio: 41%
PerfectMoney SolidTrustPay EgoPay BankWire OkPay
Min Invest: $50
Ref Bonus: 5%
Withdraw: Instant
Add: 2013-11-18
Start: 2013-11-06
Online: 163 Days
DDoS Protection High SSL Encryption Custom Script
email TG | MMG | DTM
Hyip Investment: 0.25%-0.5% daily,Principal return at anytime
 Free HYIP Investment Programs List
Our Investment: $0
Added: 2013-07-18 (274 days)
Site Online: 277 Days
PerfectMoney SolidTrustPay EgoPay
Min Invest: $50
Referral: 2%

email TG | MMG | DTM
Hyip Investment: 3% weekly for lifetime
Eblone Wealth
Expires On 2014-04-23
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New HYIP Listings
BZ 33 Days Paying
5% - 5.45% daily for 33 Calendar Days
US GraveyardMoney Paying
6.5%-8.0% Daily for 20 Calendar Days
US ForexGHQ Paying
2.6% Daily for 30 Days, 2.8% Daily for 40 Days, 3.0% Daily for 50 Days
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Eurasian Asset  214 days
Volks Venture  189 days
Blue Sky Asset  179 days
Oceana Finance  162 days
Dublin Cryptorium  151 days
Eblone Wealth  143 days
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